We are led by bright minds driven by never-ending curiosity. The secret formula to this team is: a thoughtful approach to the nature of the problem, the ability to calculate a solution using high level mathematics and physics, and the proficiency to deploy a practical system.

Dr. Gad Assaf

Founder, CTO

A luminary in the energy, physics and geophysics industries, Gad is one of Israel’s leading scientists. He holds a PhD in Physics and Geophysics from the Hebrew University-Jerusalem and a Post Doctorate from the Lamont Observatory at Columbia University. He’s been a Senior Scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science and is a prolific inventor. In fact, Gad holds 60 US and international patents. In addition, he’s published 40 scientific papers in top journals.

Mr. Moshe Maroko

Founder, CEO

Famous for his military achievements, Moshe is key to developing findings into practical solutions. He is an experienced entrepreneur and manager, and is a co-founder of several start-ups. Moshe holds a BSc Mechanical Engineer degree from Technion International and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. He is a Colonel (Res.), head of a technology R&D Units in the IDF and has been twice awarded the ‘Israel Defense Award’.

Dr. Yehuda Agnon

Chief Scientist

The torchbearer for the next generation of technology, Yehuda holds a BSc in Physics and Mathematics, with distinction, from The Hebrew University-Jerusalem. He has also earned an MSc in Mathematics, with distinction, from The Hebrew University-Jerusalem. Additionally, he has a ScD Civil Engineering (Hydrodynamics/Oceanographic Engineering) degree from MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Joint Program. Currently he is a professor on the faculty of civil and environmental engineering at Technion.