The Heat Engine

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LRRC testing demonstration.

Gas turbine technologies are considered relatively “clean” with air pollution emissions 1/10th of the parallel piston drive engine. Armed with this knowledge, Agam Energy has developed an exciting new adaptation of the gas turbine. This one replaces conventional compressor and expanders that rotate at 70,000 RPM with a Liquid Ring Rotating Casing (LRRC) engine that rotates at a mere 3,000 RPM.

The LRRC, which can be configured as a compressor or an expander (turbine), is the key element for the new generation of heat engines.

The core is a mechanical device with near ideal thermodynamic efficiency. It can be made in a cost-efficient manner and is easily adapted to existing infrastructure and operating conditions. Additionally, the LRRC has a small footprint and low maintenance requirements.

Agam Energy applied a Thermo Hydro Dynamic Model (THM) to design and build a prototype of LRRC. The model predictions were verified through testing the prototype as a compressor, air turbine, and steam turbine which allows for the development of various applications.

LRRC Application Prediction Model (THM) Test Results (prototype)
Compressor 82% efficiency @ 61 l/s 81% @ 63 l/s
Air Expander (turbine) 86% @ 2.4bar, 3,700 rpm, 125 g/s 85% @2.4bar, 3,700 rpm, 127 g/s
Steam Turbine 10%, 12 g/s 8.9%, 12.7 g/s
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