The Heat Engine


Commercial Steam Turbine

  • 1500 rpm 230 kW 23 blades Impeller
  • Rotating casing
  • 230 kW steam turbine

The US power generation is phasing coal out and choosing Natural Gas because of its increasing availability and cost effectiveness. As a result, we will see an increasing demand for gas turbines <200 MW in the US as well as emerging market economies. However, over half of the generation is still in an open cycle, meaning efficiency is only about 35%. With Agam’s LRRC technology configured as a waste heat steam generator, turbine efficiency is boosted to about 50% at a low cost and with low maintenance requirements. Additionally, it has a small footprint and easily integrated without the necessity of subsidies or massive land use disruption. This proven – and patented – solution is bankable and the increased efficiency leads to greater generation and markedly lesser per kWh emissions. Based on THM prediction, Agam’s waste heat steam turbine with a diameter of 50 cm and length of 50 cm rotating at 3000 RPM driven by saturated steam with a temperature of 150C and condensing at 40C has an adiabatic efficiency of 95% and thermal efficiency of 23%. This steam turbine configured at the tail of a 700 kW gas turbine has a thermal efficiency of 35% with a heat input rate of 2,000 kW. Agam’s steam turbine can generate an additional 300 kW of shaft power utilizing the wasted heat and bring the thermal efficiency of the plant to an astounding 50%. Steam Expander

Liquid Ring Compressor

The basic breakthrough of the engine was born with the compressor. The prototype liquid ring compressor with its 82% efficiency is double the efficiency of any liquid ring compressor on the market.


Car Engine

Imagine a car engine that travels 2.5x further on a gallon of gas while emitting 1/10th of the pollution. Agam has turned this dream into a reality. Based on a two phase (liquid-gas) turbine-like engine with a water ring compressor and two liquid ring turbines, our 200 hp engine is capable of 100 mpg efficiency.

further on a gallon of gas